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  • Golf Etiquette at Work.....

    Golf Etiquette at Work.....

    The social norms and expectations of work become dull for everyone overtime, right? It’s not just me? Sometimes, hanging around the office, it’s impossible not to imagine yourself in the warm Florida sunshine, looking out over a plush, manicured golf course, squinting at a particularly elusive hole. Sometimes, the closest you can get is bringing some golf etiquette into the workplace. Here are my best tips to tide you over before your next round:

    1.       Look like you’re meant to be there. A businessperson wouldn’t show up to work wearing an apron, and a chef wouldn’t enter the kitchen in a suit. A good rule of thumb for golf is a tucked-in collared-shirt, knee-length tailored shorts or long trousers, and golf shoes. So, when you’re feeling tempted to call a casual-Tuesday in your sweats, just ask yourself, “What would a golfer do?”

    2.       Be a team player. The best way to ensure a good time both at work and during a round of golf is to help out your team. At work, maybe it’s surprising everyone with Monday-morning donuts or supporting a coworker. In golf, you might help someone in your group search for a lost ball or pick up a club that was left behind. Sometimes, even the smallest gesture can be the catalyst for a great connection.

    3.       Get involved. Now, I can’t condone drinking at work, but it’s very common to loosen up with a drink after a game of golf. That said, company parties or get-togethers with coworkers happen all the time! Making time for your group after the main event is the first step to making memories and strengthening ties.

    In the long run, whether it's work or play, you’ll be glad that you put in the extra effort to make the most of your time. I’ll be honest though, all this talk about our dreamy Florida weather and picturesque, fuzzy golf-grass has got me thinking about the Tales of Two Cities—Charity Golf Tournament to benefit New Hope for Kids. On March 5th, the City and Chamber of Maitland will face off against the City and Chamber of Casselberry to earn back the trophy we lost last year. This fun opportunity for networking is open to individual golfers for $65 and foursomes for $260. Come out, play, and help us get our trophy back! Go Team Maitland!

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