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  • Intern Spotlight- Julie from Rollins College

    Intern Spotlight- Julie from Rollins College

    Maitland Area Chamber of Commerce warmly welcomes our new Fall Writing Intern, Julie Bennie. Julie is an English and Economics double-major at Rollins College in her sophomore year. Born and raised in South Africa, she only moved to Florida last year upon starting her college career. In her college search, Julie was looking for a school that fostered a community, which she found in the small class environment at Rollins.  


    Julie’s appreciation of a community motivated her to apply for an internship at Maitland. She wanted to be part of an organization that contributed to the common good of Central Florida, her ‘‘home away from home.’ Her internship at Maitland is also an opportunity to improve her writing ability. She is hoping to gain excellent professional and interpersonal communication skills that will help her excel in future careers. 


    Julie plays an active role on Rollins campus as a member of student government, an IT assistant and as a writing consultant for the Tutoring Center. When she is not working, she is either reading a new book, listening to music (70s&80s are her favorite time period) or spending time with friends and family. 


    Her main career aspiration is to work her way towards a top position at a marketing firm as a means to combine her passion for communication and creativity into one. Julie believes that we find happiness through helping others, which is why she hopes to one day start a nonprofit to provide affordable mental health services and financial aid to struggling families. 


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