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  • At Dawn Aiello Photography Inc., the Client is at the Center

    At Dawn Aiello Photography Inc., the Client is at the Center

    From recording special milestones or advertising company events, photographs have an essential role in both our professional and personal lives. Here to fulfill that role for you is Dawn Aiello Photography, Inc., today’s business spotlight. Dawn Aiello is a self-employed photographer who provides personal photography services as well as those for businesses. Although her business was incorporated in 2017, she has been working full-time as a photographer for seven years. 


    Aiello’s work encompasses many different facets of people’s lives, from intimate milestones such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and maternity photos to business headshots and team photos meant to be advertised on social media. Regardless of the type of photography service she is providing, Aiello always makes sure that her clients desires and needs are at the forefront.


    “I view my photography as a service to my clients,” she says, “I am here to create the images you want and need with you, so your opinion, comfort level, and specific needs are very important.” 


    In catering to her client’s needs, Aiello goes beyond her job description. She strives to connect with families as they celebrate their special events, and enjoys being a part of her clients’ milestones. She also strives to familiarize herself with the businesses she works with. Aiello states that she is detail-oriented, and will often research extensively on a client’s business before they meet. 


    Aiello’s view of her photography as a service shows her desire to help the community around her. She states that she loves the Maitland area, specifically highlighting Lily Park and Independence Lane, and thus has placed her business here. Some of her favorite places in Maitland include the restaurants around Lake Lily Park and the Enzian.


    Aiello’s affinity to the Maitland community and her desire to connect with other people and businesses, as well as the Chamber’s welcoming attitude towards her,  led her to join the Maitland Area Chamber of Commerce. She claims that prior to joining the chamber, most of her professional network consisted of other photographers. She states that she wanted to expand outside this circle and connect with other business owners, as well as make lifelong friendships. Aiello’s love to “learn about people’s businesses and find ways to create the images that will best suit their business, their marketing goals, and their needs” has really helped connect her to many businesses in and around the Maitland Area. 


    Although she operates from the Maitland area, Aiello also covers different locations in Florida, ranging from “St. Petersburg” to “Jacksonville”. She also travels internationally if needed.


    When it comes to the Orlando area, one of the few challenges is the large talent pool of photographers. She wants the Maitland community to know that she doesn’t see her photography as just a work of art that she makes, but a service that many clients value deeply. She wants to “give families a positive experience together while capturing special memories that can hang on their walls for years to come”. And her ability to connect well with her clients has been her key to success to date! A big part of her business is getting referrals from prior, happy clients.


    Aiello hopes that she can expand the ways she can serve businesses, including ways that can help them market their products and services successfully. As for families and couples, she also has some themed photo sessions in mind. 


    Dawn Aiello’s office hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Photo shoot hours vary as needed by the client. To learn more about Dawn Aiello Photography Inc. or to book an appointment, you can go on their website at http://www.dawnaiellophotography.com. You can also call at 954-478-9791.


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