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  • Cafe Vecino @ Trafalgar Ct

    Cafe Vecino @ Trafalgar Ct

    In today’s newest business spotlight, we are featuring Cafe Vecino. Owned by husband-wife team Bhavana and Arun Mooljee, the restaurant offers the Maitland Area freshly made breakfasts, delicious lunch meals, and special to-go dinners. 


    What makes Cafe Vecino unique is the diversity of their menu. Their aromatic meals are inspired by popular dishes from Indian, Italian, and American kitchens. Their fusion foods are organic and flavorful, as the restaurant gives their corner of the Maitland community a taste of the world. At Cafe Vecino, there is something for everyone! 


    The restaurant spot is a great hideaway tucked in an office block, which is located at 851 TRAFALGAR CT #125 in Maitland. They chose the Maitland location three years ago, for its great business opportunities and neighborhood feel. This is also why they became a member of the Maitland Chamber, so that they could make the most out of business networking within the community. Over the years, Arun found his favorite spot in Maitland to be the Lake Lily Area. 


    One of the biggest challenges the Mooljee’s restaurant faces has definitely been due to COVID. While their takeout service was already in place, their challenge became when all the offices in their building sent their employees home to work remotely.


    To ensure the safety of its staff and customers, they are currently looking for more ways to offer their services in an outdoor setting. They are also trying to create new streams of business and reach clients from the entire Maitland community, instead of just within the Office Block. They are also focusing on healthy, vegetarian meals and expanding their normal menu to offer more vegan and vegetarian meals. 


    Although COVID-19 has brought Cafe Vecino obstacles, the business still remains ambitious in the months to come. They hope to build upon their unique fusion food brand, expand their door-to-door delivery while developing more freshly-made meal plans with a focus in Indian-style herbs and spices. 


    Just because we cannot currently travel doesn't mean we have to miss out on international cuisine! Craving some Italian, Indian or American food? Feel free to visit Cafe Vecino between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm. You can also get in touch by emailing cafevecino@yahoo.com or calling 407-667-4343. 


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