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    Eat The Frog Fitness- Maitland

    Welcome to the first Maitland Chamber of Commerce Business Spotlight! We will be highlighting Eat The Frog Fitness to learn more about this unique local fitness program. Just one year ago, Anthony Conti launched the Eat The Frog Maitland location with the motto to start your day with your hardest obstacle or “frog” as they call it.  For many, their “frog” is fitness. Eat The Frog provides a welcoming community for all, but especially those intimidated by fitness, have struggled to maintain a fitness program, or haven’t achieved the results they want on their own. 

                   Eat The Frog Fitness combines the best qualities of personal training with the best qualities of group training in order to provide personalized small group sessions in a fun and welcoming community for all fitness levels. They provide access to a variety of live coach-led and virtual sessions for cardio, strength, agility, and mobility. Their low impact varied training combines heart rate based training, elite coaching, and cutting edge technology to provide the most effective workout. 


    The team of experienced coaches and wellness staff is led by Head Coach Adam and Wellness Director Corinne. The team holds members accountable, modifies the training for different fitness levels, and tracks their progress to ensure that each member achieves his or her fitness goals. They strive to welcome and support each member every day, for both fitness and beyond, by providing a safe physical space as well as a fun community of like-minded members. Their 24/7 training allows members to train on their own schedule and comfort level. 


    Their new Frog Fit Program compliments that training and provides nutritional guidance and accountability for those who want it. The new program will also provide full Inbody composition analysis, around the clock Coach consultation, and additional accountability for those looking for a little extra support. 


    Eat The Frog Fitness’ biggest challenge and reward go hand-in-hand. Closing just four months after opening due to the pandemic, they were able to pivot to At Home Training and Live Coach Zoom sessions to keep the community active and connected. It gave the team an opportunity to build a closer bond with their members by offering not only safe training during quarantine, but also virtual runs, happy hours, open mic nights, and other activities still continuing after reopening. 


        Anthony chose Maitland to begin because he noticed the community was lacking in personalized fitness training programs. Since the beginning they have partnered with schools, youth organizations, churches, and businesses to not only be a part of the community, but also to be a positive force of healthy change. This is the main reason why Eat The Frog Fitness joined the Maitland Chamber of Commerce, to partner with and support other small businesses and spread health and wellness to the Maitland community. 


        For more information about Eat The Frog Fitness, call (407) 565-2226, visit  www.eatthefrogfitness.com, email maitnland@etffitness.com, or hop over to 400 North Orlando Avenue (on the first floor retail of the condos next to Publix). 


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