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  • First Choice Urgent Care in Maitland!

    First Choice Urgent Care in Maitland!

    This week's Member Monday spotlights First Choice Urgent Care. They have been a Maitland Chamber Member since 2019 and can often be seen sponsoring events like our annual Burgers & Brews Event or seen at our Health & Wellness Expo year after year.

    First Choice Urgent Care is a privately owned Urgent Care specializing in Emergency Medicine. For 14 years, they have been committed to keeping patients out of the Emergency room and delivering quality emergency medicine. They appreciate every single patient they serve, and always ensure that the needs of patients are met quickly and effectively.

    The team at First Choice values Maitland’s diversity and appreciates all of the local hotspots in the area, like Lake Lily and local shops. They appreciate each patient that returns to them for the friendly staff and amazing providers, and the patients that refer them to their family and friends. 

    The biggest challenge for First Choice has been spreading the word about their commitment to serving the community, and they want to work toward getting more Work Comp to better serve local businesses. 

    First Choice became a member of the Chamber so they could better understand the needs of the community and do their best to serve those in the local area. They look forward to continuing their growth in the future so they can expand their services and help other communities like Maitland. They are excited to be opening their 3rd location in 2022.

    You can visit their website here, https://www.firstchoiceurgentcare.net/, or reach them at 407-366-2890. 


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