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  • Networking In A Mask, COVID-Style

    Networking In A Mask, COVID-Style

    I know I won’t be the first or last to say that this pandemic has changed everything. Like, literally everything. Despite this, the curtains can’t close just yet. Businesses still need to run, and people still need to socialize. How do we network under these circumstances? The question looms over us all like the smell of Aunt Betty’s cranberry-mayonnaise salad. We shudder and begrudgingly bite in.

    Maitland Chamber’s Executive Director, Shonte Jelneck, said her best tip for networking is to go in with a good attitude and an open mind. In times like this, heavy with stress, it’s vital to leave that behind when you go into a networking event. She makes a great point. How can you connect with others if you aren’t able to relax and enjoy yourself? A prime example of this is Shonte’s favorite networking experience—the Wine and Cheese event. This is the perfect environment to loosen up and treat your palette while socializing with like-minded individuals.

    Going forward, Maitland Chamber has introduced regulations to keep networking alive in a safer way that goes beyond just social distancing. For example, events now have limited capacity, requiring attendees to register in advance and get temperature checks before entering. Also, breakfasts and lunches are prepackaged or individually boxed. Other simple, effective examples of these protocols are using outdoor space whenever possible and requiring masks to be worn unless you’re actively eating. These easy tricks support us in our quest to find our next favorite wine and cheese pairing while fostering our relationship with the community.

    It’s still possible to network, even if it’s in a mask, with socially-safe practices. The options are abundant, from making ties at these in-person events all the way to developing your businesses online presence (which is something a Maitland Chamber membership could help with! Check out our benefits here). We would love to see you at our next event, so check out our website or email us at info@maitlandchamber.com!

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