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  • Wednesday Women Luncheon

    Wednesday Women Luncheon

    The Wednesday Women Luncheon is a networking and catered lunch event that meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Maitland Chamber Sponsor The Q at Maitland’s lounge. This event has been a Chamber staple for over ten years. Mary Penn (who took over about 5 years ago) recently handed over the reigns to Board of Director and Duke Energy Account Executive, Karla Rodriguez. Karla said “I have been wanting to get more involved with the Maitland Chamber and community and this opportunity came at the right time. I felt that my ongoing community work, of being a Mentor for high school aged young ladies as well as my previous experience as an alumni of the Athena Orlando Women’s Leadership series would help me to inspire and empower women in our community.”

    This event started as an opportunity for working women to come and network with other like minded women. A female-led networking event is the perfect chance to exchange information about opportunities, offer advice, ask for advice, offer social support, and friendship. It has been said that men and women network differently, mostly because women tend to form a relationship with those they meet. Women look for the emotional connection and social support when meeting new people, so offering women an environment to create these relationships was a goal of ours when we first started the Wednesday Women luncheons.

    The topics discussed in the Wednesday Women Luncheon are usually based around women, creating a space for everyone to be involved in conversations about women in the workplace, how they can advance their careers, and fostering relationships in the process. This article explains a study that revealed a need for a tight-knit female group because research showed that women who do have that group to share advice with are three times more likely to get a better job than women who do not.

    Register for one of our Wednesday Women luncheons and come meet our amazing Women chamber members. Our next luncheon is on February 24th at 11:30 AM at The Q at Maitland. Lunch will be provided by Sanford Brewing Company- Maitland. To register, please visit our website www.MaitlandChamber.com.

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