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  • Why Should I join the Maitland Area Chamber of Commerce?

    Why Should I join the Maitland Area Chamber of Commerce?

    Looking to increase local business visibility, enhance your marketing reach, and seek new business opportunities? Then joining the Maitland Area Chamber of Commerce is the right choice for you. People are often hesitant to join Chambers of Commerce for fear of the time commitment, perhaps fear of socializing, or just overall questioning the business investment. We are here to tell you joining a chamber of commerce can benefit your business in more ways than none. 


    Business visibility & brand recognition is second to none when it comes to running your organization. Like most Chamber organizations, The Maitland Area Chamber of Commerce offers a variety of ways that your organization can increase your brand visibility. Our membership benefits include a variety of opportunities such as: 

    • Participating in networking events
    • Invitations to chamber events and business after hours 
    • Committee membership such as Marketing, Events,, Membership or Ambassador
    • Participate in speaking events to educate your community on your products or services 
    • Meet new people & build a stronger community 

    Finding just the right marketing opportunities doesn’t always come easy. With a Maitland Area Chamber of Commerce membership, we do most of the thinking for you. Our membership levels offer an array of benefits, but some of our favorite benefits are certainly here to help you market your business at a greater level. Shonte Jelneck, Executive Director of the Maitland Area Chamber of Commerce notes, “I love telling businesses about our sponsored blogs. Organizations & businesses want more content, and our site is just another opportunity to reach more like-minded individuals who can benefit from products and services that our members have to offer.” Some of our membership investment levels include marketing strategies such as: 

    • Company listing on the Online Membership Directory
    • Company listing on the Chamber website
    • Sponsorship or advertising opportunity for events 
    • Featured business promotion in our weekly “Mind Your Business Maitland” email blast 
    • Opportunity to spotlight your business
    • Much More!

    It has certainly been unprecedented times, and businesses are looking for more business opportunities and if we have learned anything in the past year, it’s that we should turn to our community for help. Being involved in your community is one of the most effective ways for businesses to seek new clients, get greater visibility, and grow your business. Lori Dickson, President of the Maitland Chamber of Commerce believes that “Joining a chamber humanizes your business to the community. People trust businesses who want to be involved in their city and want their city to thrive.” 


    So, we have sold you on all of the benefits, but you are still shy and introverted. Don’t worry, we have plenty of members who are and we are all in this together. Dip your toe in, visit one of our monthly Coffee Connections or Wednesday Women luncheons for a low-pressure venue for you to socialize and network. And hey, if you want to test the waters with a virtual event and turn off your camera, don’t worry - we won’t call you out…or will we? :) 


    For more information on joining the Maitland Area Chamber of Commerce, please visit our online application. If you would like to speak with someone regarding Membership, please call our office at 407-644-0741. We look forward to meeting you soon. 


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