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    About Us

    IDignity’s mission is to restore dignity and hope by assisting individuals in regaining legal proof of their identity. This mission is achieved through extensive collaboration with government agencies, social service organizations, churches, businesses, and other community partners. IDignity compassionately assists the underserved and disadvantaged in navigating the inherently complex process of obtaining various forms of legal identification documents, at no cost to our clients. These documents are often required to access education, employment, housing, banking, social services, proper healthcare, and numerous additional opportunities.

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    • IDignity is a charitable organization registered with the state of Florida as an official 501(C)(3) nonprofit.
    • IDignity's mission is to restore dignity and hope by assisting individulas in regaining legal proof of their identity.
    • IDignity's values are dignity, excellence, stewardship, empowerment, compassion, and justice.


    Volunteer Gabe poses with 93-year-old Thelma, at IDignity to obtain her birth certificate
    Volunteers check clients in during one of IDignity's Identification Service Days.
    A volunteer works with a mother and her two children to obtain identification.
    Client Dana beams happily with her new Social Security card and ID. She can now obtain disability benefits for her MS.
    Volunteer Lynn and client Eugene bond during an Identification Service Day.
    Christina smiles with her son, Mason, as they wait to get his birth certificate so he can go to the doctor!
    Kathleen waits to obtain her documents and identification documents for her two sons as well.
    IDignity's two attonery's smile with client Kiara after a succesful name change.She can now obtian a Florida ID.
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