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  • Lake Forest Living Magazine

    Lake Forest Living Magazine


    Advertising & Media

    About Us

    The publications are private monthly publications, that are exclusive to the heathrow, lake forest and alaqua lakes communities. They feature the residents, kids pet and local events. We are more about creating relationships with our residents and gaining that word of mouth reputation.

    Alongside the publication ad we also have our digital marketing. Social Media Remarketing is a digital marketing method that places our print ads in the personal social media feeds of our residents by targeting their geographic location,Through the use of geo-fencing, we can set specific geographic boundaries, maximizing the opportunity for our partners’ ads to be seen online throughout the month in the form of “Sponsored” ads / posts. These include free facebook and instagram ad's.
    Each month, our N2DIGITAL team will track and share metrics showing how the ad is performing the client. These analytics include total impressions, reach, profile views, and (if applicable) website clicks.

    Aside from the publication and digital, we also do social events, where you as a business partner get to meet the residents of the community, usually during a dinner review or wine tasting events. We also have Business to Business events where you get to meet more businesses in the area as well.


    • Complementary Social Media Sponsored Ad's
    • Exposure to Heathrow Residents
    • Exposure to Alaqua lakes Residents
    • Exposure to Lake Forest Residents
    • Social Events with the residents


    Lake Forest Living
    Heathrow Living
    Alaqua Lakes Living
  • Thank you to our community business partner.

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